'Forge the Future': Boosting Pennsylvania with energy

September 9, 2017

Pennsylvania's citizens and leaders are often more focused on the challenges we face than the opportunities we have before us. News headlines, data and commentary about a relatively stagnant economy, undesirable population trends, uncertainties about state and local budgets, mounting infrastructure needs and the opioid crisis are real.

Against that backdrop, we believe it's time to focus on economic growth as a central driver of the solutions Pennsylvanians need and want. We are literally standing on an unprecedented, once-in-a-century opportunity to generate the kind of economic growth that can move us from talking about our problems to acting on solutions.

Over the past decade, our state has grown to be a leading U.S. and global natural gas producer. In just the past few months, no less than four major studies have been published to provide the data, detail and dimension of the downstream opportunities we have to create manufacturing and other supporting businesses that will be game-changers for our people and communities. If we're getting tired of trying to slice the same old pie differently to satisfy the hunger for jobs, wages, workers and revenue to the treasury, these studies give us a new recipe: Let's make a bigger pie. A much bigger pie...

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