Infrastructure key to state's future

December 7, 2016

If there is one issue which Americans can rally around after a contentious and hard-fought political season, it’s the dire need to grow jobs and improve our nation’s infrastructure. As the second-largest natural gas producer in the nation, Pennsylvania has played a key role in the American energy revolution.

But we need to act swiftly and decisively to ensure that critical infrastructure is modernized and enhanced so we don’t lose many of the competitive gains we’ve achieved in the global marketplace. We also must make sure the steps we have taken regarding our energy security are not compromised.

We must move forward on pipeline projects, new power generation facilities, upgrades to electric and gas transmission systems and liquids processing projects if we are to keep pace with our energy revolution.

Failure to do so jeopardizes jobs and opportunities for local small- and medium-sized businesses that employ tens of thousands of hard-working Americans, many of whom call Pennsylvania home.

We know in every corner of the commonwealth that shale gas is already providing benefits. It has created tens of thousands of good-paying jobs. Natural gas producers have paid more than $1.04 billion in taxes over the past four years benefiting our local communities and statewide environmental initiatives. It’s also saving consumers, families and manufacturers thousands of dollars in energy costs: $1,200 per household in 2012, with projections those savings will exceed $3,500 per year by 2025, according to global consultancy IHS...

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