Officials tout natural gas industry in state, rip severance plan

May 4, 2018

“Governor Wolf’s latest proposal to raise taxes on Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry is as misguided as the others,” said Stephanie Catarino Wissman, executive director of Associated Petroleum Industries of Pennsylvania.

Wissman addressed reporters in a statewide conference call, along with David Spigelmyer, president of Marcellus Shale Coalition; Gene Barr, president of Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry; and Bob Beatty, chairman of Pipeline Gas Market Development Committee. They were largely in concert with one another on their sentiments regarding the oil and gas industry.

Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing a severance tax in his proposed budget, a levy that gas-producing companies are paying in other states. In Pennsylvania, this would be in addition to the impact fee, which producers pay per operating well. The impact fee has raised more than $1 billion, with much of the money going to communities impacted by the industry.

Wissman called a severance proposal “misguided,” saying the tax on top of the impact fees could cause gas companies to cut production from operating in the Keystone State, where the oil and gas industry has been strong.

“The facts haven’t changed,” she continued. “Raising costs for one of the state’s major economic engines is bad economics. It’s bad for Pennsylvania employment, and bad for hundreds of local businesses in the natural gas supply chain, including many that dot the landscape of Pennsylvania’s main street economy...

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