Wolf's Severance Tax is Threatening Natural Gas Jobs

As the price of natural gas drops and production slows, Governor Tom Wolf's severance tax proposal could not have come at a worse time.



A severance tax would set back Pennsylvania

The natural gas industry has brought enormous economic benefits to the commonwealth



Pennsylvania Needs the Gas Industry, Not A Severance Tax

Pennsylvania's gas industry has done great things for the Commonwealth and Vinny Gaglione says he hopes Tom Wolf's actions on natural gas match his rhetoric. His proposed severance tax seems to go in the opposite direction.



Energy: Just say 'no' to 'just say no'

Energy has been a favorite topic of debate for centuries. In order to live our modern lives, we need to get energy from somewhere and transport it to those who use it for domestic or commercial purposes. But which forms of energy to use and how to transport them from producer to consumer have long been the source of heated discussion.



States better fracking regulators than EPA

A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirms what many small-government environmentalists have been saying for years: States are more effective at regulating the disposal of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing operations than is the Environmental Protection Agency.



PowerSource Voice: Ethane from shale presents a wealth of opportunities

In six short years, the word "shale" has taken on new and significant meaning for the future development of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.



In Rebuttal: The Marcellus opportunity

This is in response to Dan Simpson's July 30 column, "Fracking Compromises the Future."



Shale gas key to liberty in energy

Shale has entered the language - and the income stream - of Western Pennsylvanians. But whatever the regional payoff, shale is the best reason for national optimism to come along in a generation.



Shale gas boom has transformed our part of the state: As I See It

To see the positive impact responsible shale development is having across our region, look no further than the new and expanded hotels, bustling restaurants, thriving small businesses and contractors whose phones are ringing off the hook.



Guest Voice of Dennis L. Martire: Pa. should grow fracking industry

Pennsylvania needs to invest more resources into developing the hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," industry in the Marcellus Shale. Most people know that fracking has played a big role in stabilizing Pennsylvania's economy during the recent recession.