Borough to repay bond with shale lease funds

Most of Ellwood City's shale gas-drilling windfall will soon be spent at Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool. Or it already has been spent there.



Northeast Project Upgrade presentation of Tennessee Gas Pipeline held in Wysox

As more and more natural gas continues to be extracted from the Marcellus Shale in Bradford County, adjustments and expansions are also needed to keep up with the increase.



Wholesale natural gas prices rebound from 2012 lows

Wholesale natural gas prices have doubled during the past year, and that's bringing sighs of relief from an unusual variety of interests.



PUC schedules hearing on West Wyoming facility

The state Public Utilities Commission scheduled a hearing on UGI Penn Natural Gas Inc.'s request to determine whether a planned West Wyoming natural gas facility planned is exempt from local zoning regulations.



Drilling impact fees help local budgets

As supervisors in Forward tried to do more with less tax money in recent years, cracking roads and potholes in the Butler County community grew into a bigger problem. Now supervisors hope they have a solution.



Pa. House bills back natural gas as automotive fuel of the future

Local legislators are among those pushing a series of bills to increase consumption of the state's abundant supply of natural gas, with York representatives authoring components of the Marcellus Works package.



Gas companies respond to EPA inspections

Two midstream companies in Washington County that process and transport natural gas have agreed to improve their operations after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found problems at their facilities.



Global natural gas boom fuels local Air Products business

Air Products heat exchangers produce most of the world's liquefied natural gas.



Landfill methane-to-energy project gets national award

Lycoming County was one of seven places in the country to receive the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's award for excellence in landfill gas energy projects for 2012.



Marcellus bringing jobs to Pennsylvania

Recent pipeline and processing infrastructure in the Marcellus area has increased not only natural gas production in Pennsylvania, but the job scene, as well.