PTI breaks ground for $3.5 million gas, oil technology center in North Fayette

Eight shiny new shovels were wielded by eight VIPs wearing suits and white hardhats, each emblazoned with three black letters - PTI - during a ground-breaking ceremony Tuesday for Pittsburgh Technical Institute's $3.5 million energy technology center that will house courses in oil and gas electronics.



Pipeline and Infrastructure 101: Test Your Knowledge!

Gathering lines, midstream operations, cryogenic processing facilities, fractionation. These new terms reflect additional investments that bring natural gas closer to consumers and manufacturers.



Buffett's Railway Firm Poised for Biggest Move Since Steam to Diesel

Rail company BNSF expects to be moving a million barrels of oil a day in the not too distant future, and it would like to move it with natural gas powered engines.



Push for leases under way in Mercer County

Even as oil and gas companies operating across Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale formation have curbed some drilling in the East and shifted their focus to wet gas reserves in the Southwest, the market for mineral leases in Mercer County is strong, say county officials and industry experts.



Venture proposes 'Bluegrass Pipeline' to the Gulf Coast

More natural gas liquids extracted from underneath Pennsylvania will start flowing to petrochemical facilities and export markets near the Gulf Coast through a new pipeline project announced Thursday.



Compressed gas station contract gets council's OK

It should be by the end of the year when the public will be able to drive up to a fast-fill compressed natural gas fuel pump in Williamsport and fill'er up.



Natural gas vehicles making inroads; sales rising

Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday it sold a record 11,600 natural gas vehicles in its 2012 model year, more than triple the number it sold in 2010. It's the latest sign that natural gas is making inroads as a transportation fuel, particularly for truck fleets, buses and taxis. The consumer market is tougher to crack, but sales are gaining there as well.



Washington Rotating Control Heads Inc. taps into the Marcellus Shale market

Joyce Mayernik and her sister Denise Johnston are the first to admit they felt overwhelmed when they took over Washington Rotating Control Heads Inc. two years ago.



Battelle venture will take water from coal mines for fracking

Battelle is part of a new joint venture aimed at easing a potential fracking water shortage for oil and natural gas companies developing the Utica and Marcellus shale plays in Ohio and Pennsylvania.



Gas drilling industry helps Pa. become one of top states in number of new or expanded corporate facilities

The booming gas drilling industry may have helped to seal Pennsylvania's position as one of the top states in the nation for the number of new or expanded corporate facilities. The state ranks No. 1 in the Northeast and third in the nation, with 430 new facilities in 2012, according to Site Selection magazine, which specializes in corporate real estate. Pittsburgh was sixth among metro markets of at least 1 million people, with 126 new or expanded corporate facilities.