Shale plays will continue to need experienced talent for many years

Petroleum engineers design and develop methods for getting oil and gas from underground deposits, and work to find ways to extract oil and gas from older wells.



Some Pa. towns will get more Marcellus cash

A number of Western Pennsylvania municipalities will get substantially more in impact fees from Marcellus shale gas drilling than they were initially told by the state while others will get less, the Public Utility Commission said.



How Natural Gas Kept Some Spots Bright and Warm as Sandy Blasted New York City

A natural gas grid helped at least two large energy users -- New York University and Co-op City (a vast high-rise housing complex in the Bronx) -- stay warm and bright during Sandy because, to a significant extent, they can generate their own electricity and heat.



Obama vs. Romney and the future of Pa. energy

The effects the candidates' energy policies could have on natural gas production is likely of most interest to Pennsylvanians.



Summer Summary of the Trail Logbook Project

As summer transitioned into fall, and as winter knocks on our doorsteps in PA, I would like to take some time to summarize the preliminary feedback coming in through our pilot Trail Logbook Project.



Top Marcellus producers weather Sandy unscathed

Some of the top Marcellus Shale producers have handled "superstorm" Sandy with relative ease and have not yet reported any material impacts.



Shale Boom, Part 3: Drilling work generates tourism, conservation dollars

Lawrence County's conservation district and tourist promotion agency both stand to receive financial boosts from Marcellus Shale revenues.



Pa. towns savor drilling impact-fee checks

William Groves, chairman of the Cumberland Township board of supervisors, was poring over the municipal budget last week, confronting a challenge that most local officials would envy.



Seneca to Convert Marcellus Drilling Rigs to Nat Gas

Seneca Resources Corporation, the wholly-owned exploration and production subsidiary of National Fuel Gas Company, Thursday announced plans to complete the conversion of two of its Pennsylvania drilling rigs to cleaner-burning natural gas, displacing the diesel fuel currently used to power equipment at the well site. These will be the first dedicated 100 percent liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fueled drilling rigs operating in the Marcellus Shale within Pennsylvania.



Shale-drilling seismic tests ongoing in New Beaver

The Marcellus shale boom is heading into full swing throughout Lawrence County, with a tangible presence not just on remote farms in the area, but along some of the county's most well-traveled roads. Over the last few weeks, private contractors have been performing seismic testing along Route 18 in New Beaver near Wampum. Jim Struzzi, a spokesman for PennDOT District 11, said companies are required to get permits to perform seismic tests along state roads.