U.S. Natural Gas Resources Bigger Than Estimated, Analyst Says

The U.S. has almost three times as much recoverable natural gas as the government estimates, enough to place it third in the world, a Canadian analyst said.



All Energy Now Radio Show with Tejas Gosai

"All Energy Now" is the voice of our regional energy market and will devote 23 hours of airtime each week as a public affairs meeting place for people interested in energy news.



Pheasant stock to increase for hunting season

Thanks to additional revenue for the state Game Commission through a series of Marcellus Shale leases, the state game commission released more than 300 pheasants in Schuylkill County on Friday as hunters this small game season will see the stock return to 200,000 birds for the first time since 2004.



Chesapeake Energy pleads to environmental violations

Chesapeake Energy pleaded guilty in federal court Friday to three violations of the Clean Water Act, admitting it had dumped at least 60 tons of crushed stone and gravel into the Blake Fork stream in West Virginia on three different occasions in 2008.



Suits claim Marcellus jobs pay less than advertised

Companies tapping the Marcellus shale for natural gas regularly advertise good-paying jobs in Pennsylvania, but three federal lawsuits and a state investigation suggest some of those jobs pay less than they should.



Now serving the oil and gas industry: just about everyone

Let's face it -- the so-called shale drilling revolution is exciting to witness. But since every other month another "next hot new play" seems to surface, it may be easy to overlook the backstory of just what a tremendous economic net the shale phenomenon has cast--not just on industry and producing areas, but virtually everywhere.



Review cuts confusion, bias from studies on shale jobs

Studies vary widely on how many jobs oil and natural-gas drilling will bring to eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. "It only takes a small assumption to create a result that is much higher or lower," said Matthew Rousu, associate professor of economics at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pa., and creator of a website designed to evaluate such studies.



Leases for gas drillers don't last forever

Robert Burnett hears from clients about expiring gas leases "almost every day" from his position as chair of the oil and gas group at the Downtown-based Houston Harbaugh law firm.



Keystone Energy Forum and Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs Hold 2nd Annual

Today, the Keystone Energy Forum, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, held its 2nd Annual "Outdoors Forum" focusing on natural gas development and its interaction with Pennsylvania's countryside.



Panel discusses Marcellus Shale Community Compact

Politicians, health industry and government representatives, education leaders, and natural gas representatives discussed impacts of natural gas development in Tioga County.