Partnership will create water tanks, jobs in Johnstown

A new mill is set to start producing in Johnstown.



Five Facts to Know About a New Pennsylvania Fracking and Health Study

This week, a study asserts a correlation between natural gas development and an increase in hospitalizations in three Pennsylvania counties. However, the authors are clear that, "the study does not prove that hydraulic fracturing actually causes these health problems."



New study shows greater potential for Utica Shale

The Utica Shale and associated hydrocarbon-rich rock zones hold significantly more potentially recoverable natural gas than early estimates predicted, according to research released Tuesday at a workshop in Canonsburg.



OPEC sees more balanced oil market in 2016

The oil market should be more balanced next year as China and the developing world use more oil while supply of fuel from North American shale grows more slowly, OPEC said on Monday.



Here's why a severance tax is one prize we can't let Tom Wolf claim: Louis D. D'Amico

Gov. Tom Wolf does not let a conversation on the state budget pass without calling for a natural gas extraction tax.



EIA: Net petroleum product exports continue to increase

This article refers to "refined" oil products which America can export. We also need the ability to export crude oil from America too, and that is currently banned by federal gov't.



Hearings planned for 2nd major new gas pipeline across NY

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has announced a series of public meetings to let the public weigh in on the second interstate natural gas pipeline proposed to carry gas from Pennsylvania to markets in the Northeast and Canada.



The Myths About Fracking Are Many And Damaging

Much of the reporting on fracking is a confused mess, which must leave many people wondering exactly what's going on.



Fracking, with care, brings big benefits: Our view

Boom has helped make America the world's No. 1 producer of oil and gas.



Drillers to submit electronic records on fracking chemicals to Pa. DEP

Pennsylvania will require shale gas companies to disclose electronically the chemicals they use in hydraulic fracturing in a new state-run database by next summer.