Gas field drillers, activists seek statewide rules for wells

The absence of statewide rules governing how water wells are built and who can drill them have united some unlikely allies.



How much counties have been getting from Marcellus Shale impact fee

How much have Pennsylvania's counties been getting from the Marcellus Shale impact fee since it was implemented for 2011?



Guar beans prove to be vital to United States fracking, food industries

In the supply chain of the modern frack job, the fluid used to expel gas from underground shale has been a flash point.



Economist says natural-gas growth is critical to energy security

John Felmy, chief economist for the American Petroleum Institute, made a stop at the Charles Chrin Community Center in Palmer Township to speak at an event sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Project 9-12 Tea Party Group, a local nonprofit organization.



This Is How Fracking Works

Forget what they say about money; energy is LITERALLY what makes the world go round.



Feds focus crackdown on wage violations in shale gas industry

A two-year federal crackdown on overtime and wage law violations by companies working in the booming Appalachian shale gas industry resulted in back-payments totaling nearly $4.5 million to 5,300 workers in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.



Wind Farms Denied In Foster Township

A community in Luzerne County is celebrating a victory after a company wanting to build wind turbines there was denied its application.



Marcellus Shale fuels lower natural and propane gas prices this winter

Fueled by Marcellus shale development, natural gas prices in the midstate just went down 4.7 percent from summer as winter begins.



Chesapeake Energy's royalty payment practice investigated by Department of Justice, states

Chesapeake Energy's royalty payment practice is being investigated by the Department of Justice and several states.



Gov.-elect Tom Wolf's $1 billion drilling tax prediction might be high

Gov.-elect Tom Wolf might have been off the mark by hundreds of millions of dollars when he said during his campaign that a new severance tax on natural gas drillers would raise more than $1 billion.