Standard water testing sought in shale industry

State environmental regulators will participate in a gas industry-funded study aimed at developing standards for testing groundwater near drilling sites for the presence of methane.



Shell touts Utica gas wells in northern Pa.

Energy companies might have another sweet spot for gas drilling in Pennsylvania.



Semirural neighborhood becomes Marcellus Shale zoning battleground

A semirural enclave in Lycoming County has become the latest legal battleground pitting neighbor against neighbor over Marcellus Shale gas drilling.



Honda, Chevrolet give natural gas a push

Natural gas is the neglected stepchild of the alternative fuel vehicles industry.



Two pipeline projects poised to ship gas to the Southeast

Two major pipeline projects are in the works to ship natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica shales to the southeastern U.S., a region with a growing appetite for natural gas.



Marcellus: Identifying US$90 billion in remaining value

Our granular well-level analysis of this key shale gas play indicates a strong future of continued growth



Pike water is 'generally good'

Study of residential wells will serve as baseline to track water quality if fracking comes



DEP opens third round of CNG vehicle grants

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on Saturday will begin accepting applications for a third round of grants to pay for fleet conversions from diesel and gasoline to natural gas.



Indiana County township 'afraid for the water' fights waste well

The residents of Grant Township barely outnumber the gas wells dotting strip-mined hills of their northern Indiana County community.



Pennsylvania natural gas development leading to reverse brain drain

Because of the job opportunities presented by Marcellus shale, western Pennsylvanians - many of them professionals - are returning to the region, as well as the state.