This Marcellus Shale City Proves Natural Gas Vehicles Are for Real

Transportation in natural gas-rich regions really is being transformed.



DCNR defines what drilling activities will be allowed at public lands

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has sharpened its definition of what will - and won't - constitute a surface disturbance under Gov. Tom Corbett's plan to open areas below public lands to natural gas extraction without cutting trees or moving earth on newly leased tracts.



Sunoco Logistics' 300-mile pipeline dealt setback

Sunoco Logistics has gotten a setback to its plans to pump propane and ethane in its 300-mile Mariner East pipeline across southern Pennsylvania.



Top 10 highest paying college majors

It's true that on average college graduates make more over their lifetime than non-grads. However, not all majors pay you back the same amount.



Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority inks deal with driller

One sewage company's waste water is a drilling company's treasure.



Hiring in shale industry shifts to engineering, construction workers

Gas companies operating in and around the Marcellus shale say they are increasingly hiring skilled workers for engineering and construction jobs as the industry matures beyond the rush to drill wells.



Peoples hopes surcharge will help expand gas service

Peoples Natural Gas wants to supply more southwestern Pennsylvania homes with natural gas, and it has filed a new tariff plan that would make it easier for customers to connect to pipelines.



Funding for health studies near drill sites loosening

Science requires replication, and lots of it. So it's been difficult to gauge the health impacts of shale development from a few scattered studies, says Bernard Goldstein, a public health expert who once led the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health and remains an active voice in the fracking health debate.



Nitrogen fertilizer market nearing saturation after shale gas boom

The U.S. nitrogen fertilizer market will soon reach a point of saturation, following the sharp increase in capacity in recent years as the cost of natural gas - used in fertilizer production - fell with the fracking boom.



EQT to tap Pennsylvania's Utica shale

Pittsburgh-based EQT Corp. has decided to try its luck with tapping its natural gas reserves locked up in Pennsylvania's Utica shale.