Power Plant Set to Open in 2016

A construction site in Bradford County is the future home of the Panda Liberty Generating Station. It will be the first new power plant in Pennsylvania to convert natural gas from Marcellus Shale drilling into electricity.



EPA changes course on injection well approval

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has taken the unusual step of withdrawing its February approval of a 7,300-foot-deep injection well being drilled to permanently store shale gas drilling waste water near DuBois, Clearfield County.



Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Joins Panda Power Funds to Break Ground on 829-MW Marcellus Shale-Gas Power Plant

First new power plant located on the Marcellus Shale gas formation; Plant expected to contribute up to $5.97 billion to area economy; create 500 jobs; Natural gas-fueled generating station will power up to 1 million homes; Gemma Power Systems to build plant with Siemens Energy technology



Energy-environment drilling program underway

An uncommon partnership between oil and gas companies and some environmental groups has accepted its first application for a certification program aimed at promoting voluntary but tough new standards in addition to existing government regulations on drilling in the Marcellus Shale.



Wetlands 'Banking' Arrives

With thousands of miles of rivers, streams and wetlands in Pennsylvania, chances are a company building a large-scale project like a natural gas pipeline is going to disturb some type of waterway.



Area bridge projects get cash infusion from gas drilling fees

The Marcellus Shale is bankrolling bridge repairs in Erie County this summer.



Debate continues over Marcellus shale royalty payments

Regional differences continue to shape the debate over House legislation to limit what Marcellus drillers can deduct from royalty payments to landowners.



Two new Marcellus pipelines for Pa.

UGI Energy Services L.L.C., Valley Forge, on Tuesday announced two Marcellus Shale pipeline projects costing $80 million that will transport natural gas produced by Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. in northeast Pennsylvania.



Cumberland County to consider funding green programs with Marcellus Shale money

For the second consecutive year, municipalities and conservation groups are hoping Cumberland County will pass on to them some of the funds collected by the state from Marcellus Shale drilling impact fees.



Keystone Trails Association to rally, raise concerns over shale development

While Marcellus Shale Coalition's "Pennsylvania Jobs Pennsylvania Energy" takes place at the state Capitol, the Keystone Trails Association will hold its own counter-rally nearby.