Crew monitors gas wells in 'living, breathing' safety operation

In a darkened office in Chartiers, three people surrounded by computer monitors keep their fingers on 600 gas wells across several counties.



Lackawanna College President Volk touts college's drilling programs

The president of Lackawanna College pitched the school's successful program to train workers for gas field jobs as a possible national model to members of Congress.



Natural Gas Is "Happening", Kenworth Says (USA)

The resurging construction industry is pushing sales of vocational trucks so much that Kenworth wants to expand the compressed natural gas (CNG) truck market.



Natural gas revival goes beyond the production field

America is enjoying a remarkably positive new phenomenon: businesses, many of which were once thought lost for good, are returning their operations to U.S. soil.



12 Million Dollars Will Flow Back to Lycoming County

More than 12 million dollars will soon flow back to communities in Lycoming County. This from Natural Gas companies working in Pennsylvania.



Utility: ATVs damaging pipeline routes in Erie region

So much fun, it must be illegal. That's the headline of a National Fuel advertisement cautioning recreational riders to stay away from natural gas pipelines buried throughout the region.



House bill would require drillers to report production monthly

In an age of big, fast data, Pennsylvania takes its slow, sweet time collecting information on how much gas is produced from wells in the commonwealth.



Panel: Energy industry opening more of its positions to women

About 100 members of a regional group that promotes women finding jobs in the energy industry heard some good news Tuesday. The industry is hiring more females, and not just in "back office" or supporting roles.



American Heroes Return Home to Jobs With the Help of Natural Gas

If anyone knows that every expense must be scrutinized to ensure the biggest bang for the buck, it's a small business owner. And one business owner is finding a way to save money and hire our nation's heroes while he's at it.



Land management bureau inspections are current for oil and gas wells on Pa.'s federal lands

While western and southern states are floundering when it comes to inspecting high-priority oil and gas wells on federal lands, Pennsylvania scores high in that area. But that's probably because there are only six of them.