Greene County shale well continues burning

It is the worst fear of anyone who works on a natural gas well. A spark or an error on the job results in a potentially deadly well fire that burns out of control, causing even more danger to the experts who have to be flown in to contain the blaze.



Feds seek public comments for proposed natural gas pipeline in Solanco; new details released

If you have any concerns about the 9 miles of natural gas pipeline Transco wants to build in the southern end of Lancaster County, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wants to hear from you.



Chevrolet unveils CNG version of Silverado HD pickup

From the outside you would never know it, but there's a big Chevrolet Silverado on display at the Chicago Auto Show here that offers a lot of hope for bright energy future. It runs on natural gas.



Glade Run Lake Dam project to receive funds

Glade Run Lake Conservancy, a nonprofit working to restore the lake in Middlesex, is in line to receive $110,000 in money raised through Marcellus shale drilling.



First Winter With Natural Gas Heat

This is the first winter that natural gas has been an option to heat homes in Susquehanna County. A company ran the first gas lines to homes near Montrose this fall.



Corporate-funded program is training black men for the oil and gas industry

There were eight black men in the North Side classroom learning about the Marcellus Shale boom, but most of them didn't believe the oil and gas industry was going to let them be a part of it.



Shale oil and gas development: Infrastructure, investments on the way

If you think the natural gas boom has taken off in the past year, economists and industry officials say it is only the beginning.



Poll finds 64 percent favor shale drilling

A significant majority of people in Pennsylvania support the boom in Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling, according to a new poll released Thursday, but many also have concerns about its environmental impacts.



Lehigh Valley firm to build facility to meet fracking chemical demand

An Allentown chemical company is partnering with a company from New York state to build and operate a choline chloride facility in Louisiana to meet the growing demand for the product because of natural gas and oil fracking.



Shale funds to help EC form downtown plan

When Ellwood City officials formulated the borough's 2014 budget, it included $26,000 for Town Center Associates to formulate a development plan in the Lawrence Avenue business district.