Corporate-funded program is training black men for the oil and gas industry

There were eight black men in the North Side classroom learning about the Marcellus Shale boom, but most of them didn't believe the oil and gas industry was going to let them be a part of it.



Shale oil and gas development: Infrastructure, investments on the way

If you think the natural gas boom has taken off in the past year, economists and industry officials say it is only the beginning.



Poll finds 64 percent favor shale drilling

A significant majority of people in Pennsylvania support the boom in Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling, according to a new poll released Thursday, but many also have concerns about its environmental impacts.



Lehigh Valley firm to build facility to meet fracking chemical demand

An Allentown chemical company is partnering with a company from New York state to build and operate a choline chloride facility in Louisiana to meet the growing demand for the product because of natural gas and oil fracking.



Shale funds to help EC form downtown plan

When Ellwood City officials formulated the borough's 2014 budget, it included $26,000 for Town Center Associates to formulate a development plan in the Lawrence Avenue business district.



Marcellus shale responsible for $1.14B in deals

A slate of big-dollar deals returned to the Marcellus shale late last year, with more than $1 billion spent on mergers and acquisitions in three months for the first time since the spring of 2012.



Finding right home for oil and gas revenue

When the revenue collected from oil and gas wells on state park and forest lands amounted to $4 million annually, few paid attention to how the money was spent.



Ample supplies of gas stabilize prices

A bitter cold snap has furnaces working overtime and heating bills climbing, but Western Pennsylvania residents will pay less than they would have five or 10 years ago as Marcellus Shale production has fortified natural gas supplies.



Railroads consider switching locomotives to natural gas

The diesel-burning locomotive, the workhorse of American railroads since World War II, will soon begin burning natural gas -- a potentially historic shift that could cut fuel costs, reduce pollution and strengthen the advantage railroads hold over trucks in long-haul shipping.



A closer look: Pa. Supreme Court decision on fracking

The state Supreme Court recently declared unconstitutional certain provisions of Act 13, the state natural gas drilling law. While only a handful of provisions were struck down, the impact could be far-reaching, according to Penn State Dickinson School of Law professor Ross Pifer.