South Side site becoming city's second CNG station

A former Exxon station in Station Square is becoming the city's second compressed natural gas station with the help of state funding announced this week.



Tri-County Gas Expo open to public

When the TriCounty Oil & Gas Expo opens May 18, it will be looking to add to its usual audience of business attendees from the region. This year, as the expo stages its 18th event since the fall of 2007, it's inviting the public to stop by.



Brazilians turn to U.S. for drilling know-how

When they needed advice because of important natural gas drilling contracts coming up for bid, several Brazilians found a friend in Pennsylvania.



Verrastro to open first CNG filling station in Lackawanna County

Beer distributor LT Verrastro Inc. hopes to take advantage of the underground ocean of natural gas in Pennsylvania to run its fleet of trucks and cars less expensively - and more cleanly.



Findlay approves its first Marcellus Shale gas wells

Findlay supervisors voted 3-0 tonight to approve the development of three Marcellus Shale natural gas wells on Clinton-Frankfort Road.



Marcellus Turns Pennsylvania Into 'Saudi Arabia' of Natgas

Pennsylvania - currently famous for Philadelphia cheese steaks, Hershey's chocolate and ketchup - is in the midst of a transformation that may yet put the state on the map for another American staple: natural gas.



State grant to help build compressed natural gas station in Erie

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority has approved a $208,000 grant to help build a compressed natural gas filling station at the Birkmire Trailer Co. facility in McKean Township.



Public Utility Commission releases usage reports of impact fee

The Public Utility Commission (PUC) issued reports on April 19 breaking down the usage of the funds received the by counties and municipalities across the state under Act 13, also known as the impact fee.



Protecting the woodrat means Marcellus Shale gas drillers must cut trees

Paul Hoffmaster lives, hunts and fishes in the Pine Creek area in northwestern Lycoming County but he has never seen an Allegheny woodrat. But, the president of the Pine Creek Preservation Association says he is aware of the animal that is classified as threatened and protected under the Game and Wildlife Code.



Drilling is new focus for clean energy investors

A decade ago, large investors in so-called clean technology had a straightforward goal: finance companies that would help eliminate the world's dependence on oil, natural gas and coal.But as profits from wind, solar, biofuels and other alternatives consistently fell short of expectations - and as the fossil fuel business boomed - things got complicated.