June 26, 2018 Northampton County Farm Bureau Energy Briefing (Penn State Extension Complex, Nazareth, PA).

Keystone Energy Forum was asked to make a presentation to the Northampton County Farm Bureau on the positive impact the energy industry is having in Pennsylvania; specifically the education and training of the workforce and infrastructure development.

There was an emphasis on the connection between the oil & gas industry and agriculture.  Afterwardwards, there was a discussion of pipeline development on agricultural lands, the progress of the major pipeline projects in Pennsylvania, fuel prices, and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

In attendence included Northampton County Farm Bureau's president (Ray Mack), VP (John Miller), Secretary/Treasurer (Susan Hahn) and several Directors (Krissa Brewer, Eva Fulmer, Ruth Fulmer, Travis Hahn, Nicholas Hebrock, Kathryn Raub, Donald Seipt, Duane Stevenson Jr.) and Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Region 1 Director (Ethan Howard).

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