September 14, 2018 - 105th Annual Fayette County Association of Township Supervisors Convention (Uniontown, PA)

Approximately 100 locally-elected officials from Fayette County’s 24 townships attended the convention at the Park Inn. 

The program was designed to give the attendees an extended amount of time to walk the expo area, and Keystone Energy Forum had more conversations at this event than any other so far, mostly about pipeline infrastructure, jobs, agricultural impact, HF and the protection of our air & water resources. 

Fayette County is Pennsylvania’s 10th highest natural gas producing county. During interactions with every elected official at the booth, as well as each legislator in attendance, there was unanimous opposition to Gov. Wolf’s proposed severance tax on the oil & gas industry, fearing it may jeopardize the funds coming into local governments from Act 13 as well as the industry overall. 

Keystone Energy Forum booth set-up in the expo area.

Keystone Eneregy Forum Director Rod Wilt

with Fayette County Controller Scott Abraham.


Keystone Eneregy Forum Director Rod Wilt
with Perry Twp. Supervisor Clew Johnson.

Keystone Eneregy Forum Director Rod Wilt
with State Rep. Pam Snyder.