KEF, PennAg, PDMP Host Marcellus Shale Agriculture Forum

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Keystone Energy Forum, PennAg Industries & Professional Dairy Managers Host 2012 Marcellus Shale Agriculture Forum


The Forum highlighted two of Pennsylvania's leading industries and how an open dialogue can lead to a cooperative partnership 


Bill Stewart | 814.535.2023 |
January 12, 2011

    Harrisburg, PA – The Keystone Energy Forum, in partnership with PennAg Industries Association & the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania today held a first-of-its-kind “Agricultural Forum” focusing on Marcellus Shale development and its interaction with Pennsylvania's agricultural community; allowing numerous agricultural groups and natural gas industry leaders to better understand and engage in a productive discussion about natural gas production.

“Agriculture has a long and proud heritage in Pennsylvania. While the natural gas industry has boomed over the past five years, its interaction with the agriculture community should focus on productive dialogue that can lead to a better understanding and future growth of both industries over the next five years and beyond,” stated Bill Stewart, Director of the Keystone Energy Forum. “Three groups have come together today to further that understanding and create a benchmark for future dialogue that puts Pennsylvania and its heritage first."

The Marcellus Shale Agriculture Forum took place in Harrisburg in conjunction with the 2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show. The forum included two panel discussions focusing on Marcellus Shale activity in agricultural lands and cooperative discussions between both Agriculture and Natural Gas Industries.

“The Pennsylvania Farm Show is a celebration of our state’s foremost industry – agriculture,” said Agriculture Secretary George Greig. “We continue to seek ways to keep agriculture viable, and the Marcellus Shale industry has provided a much needed financial boost to many of our farm families, helping to ensure they’ll be farming for generations to come.”

The Marcellus Shale Agricultural Forum is the fourth in a series of forums hosted by the Keystone Energy Forum in concert with coalition groups from across Pennsylvania. In 2011, the Keystone Energy Forum hosted educational forums on Housing, Outdoor Life and Pennsylvania's Energy Portfolio.

"PennAg Industries Association was excited to partner with PDMP and the Keystone Energy Forum and bring this informative and educational program to the visitors of the 2012 PA Farm Show," said Chris Herr, Executive Vice President of PennAg Industries Association. "This meeting allowed the agriculture community and Marcellus Shale experts an opportunity to engage in constructive conversations that will be the backbone for future collaborative partnerships."

“PDMP and Keystone Energy Forum have held discussions like today’s on a smaller, more localized scale with dairy producers and as a result, I think both industries at the local level have a better understanding of how each other operates on the ground, and knowing who to call with questions about drilling schedules, planting schedules, and everything in between,” offered PDMP President and panelist Glenn Gorrell of Gorrell Dairy in Bradford County.

The Keystone Energy Forum is focused on energy production in Pennsylvania. It serves as a resource for making local opinions count. The Forum will be available to Pennsylvanians as a venue to help create balanced energy policies. Visit to participate in the forum and for facts on the Marcellus Shale, hydraulic fracturing and other Pennsylvanian and national energy issues.   


About Keystone Energy Forum

The Keystone Energy Forum (KEF) was formed in order to generate a public understanding of the economic development, job growth and energy independence opportunities presented to the nation by the vast Marcellus Shale natural gas reserves that underlie Pennsylvania and the other Appalachian Basin states.

The Keystone Energy Forum is an extremely diverse consortium of Pennsylvanians who recognize the potential this industry has on their communities and want to help educate their neighbors and fellow citizens on natural gas development within the Marcellus Shale region. The Forum, which includes members from all corners of the state with interests as varied as sportsmen to low income housing advocates, hopes to generate open dialog, expand knowledge and educate Pennsylvania’s diverse communities on the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania.

Everyone with interests, concerns, curiosity and ideas is welcome and encouraged to join the Keystone Energy Forum and share their input with the natural gas industry and the millions of people in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation who will benefit from it.


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