Study: Methane Leaks From Gas Drilling Not Huge

Drilling and fracking for natural gas don't seem to spew immense amounts of the greenhouse gas methane into the air, as has been feared, a new study says.



PHFA Announces Recipients for Pennsylvania Affordable Housing Funding

The Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency today approved the recipients of funding for projects to improve the availability and affordability of housing in the Marcellus Shale region of the state.



Volkswagen To Add Natural-Gas Cars As Well As Diesels, Hybrids?

When it comes to green technology, Volkswagen is hedging its bets. In addition to promoting its line of TDI diesels, the German carmaker is launching hybrids like the Jetta Hybrid and electric cars like the e-Golf.



Recent decision shows value of gas impact fee system

There has been debate about the worth of gas impact fees that the state Legislature chose over a gas drilling tax.



Wastewater plant set to launch in Penn Township

RES Water-Butler, an Penn Township-based wastewater processor, has broken ground on a treatment plant for the shale gas industry.



Pipeline company cooks up aid for United Way

Fundraisers from Williams Energy hope to double their money, that is, money raised for United Way groups across Northeast Pennsylvania.



Shale industry's problem: An excess of success

Too much success is becoming a problem for Marcellus shale drillers. Shale formations such as the Marcellus are producing so much natural gas that the nation's gas supply will exceed its demand by 2014, according to research released on Tuesday by Bentek Energy LLC.



Firefighters get training in natural gas industry

The techniques needed to fight a natural gas fire or contain a hazardous material leak are much different than what firefighters face when they come upon a fully engulfed home.



Labor Market Information for Pennsylvania's Shale Related Economic Activity

PA Department of Labor & Industry provides current snapshots of labor market information through their monthly Fast Facts publications.



Cleared for landing: Job creation estimated for airport drilling project

Called "the billion-dollar deal," the recently inked contract between Consol Energy and the Allegheny County Airport Authority has big plans. But will the jobs created match up?