State's First Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant is Approved

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) approved the air quality plan Moxie Liberty LLC of Vienna, Va., will follow to build the first power plant in Pennsylvania to run on natural gas, including gas from the Marcellus Shale.



County basking in money from drilling impact fees

State spreads wealth: parks first to benefit.



Driven by Oil Shale Economics, Natural Gas Prices Primed for Slow and Steady Rise

Much has been written about the Marcellus shales, the largest shale gas field in the US. The rapid drilling program has been responsible for a supply glut, which drove spot prices down this year as low as $2.00 per mmBtu. Since then, prices have recovered somewhat...



UGI Utilities Inc. says natural gas bills will drop nearly 4 percent for most Lehigh Valley customers

Heating bills for most Lehigh Valley natural gas customers served by UGI Utilities Inc. will drop nearly 4 percent this winter, a trend reflecting declining wholesale prices. UGI said today that an average residential customer's bill will drop more than $3 a month effective Saturday, from $89.55 to $86.17, or 3.8 percent.



Rising heating oil prices drive a portion of 1M Pa. users to natural gas

Rising home heating oil prices are driving homeowners who depend on the fuel to convert to natural gas or find ways to use less oil. Some are lowering thermostats or adding coal- or wood-burning stoves, said Norman Wildenmann, general manager at Bish Oil Co. in Greensburg. Those who purchase oil are buying in smaller quantities, instead of filling tanks for winter.



Optima Sees Fracking Increasing Specialty Steel Demand

Demand for specialty-steel products used in hydraulic fracking is poised to continue rising next year as energy companies step up exploration and production in shale-rock formations, Optima Specialty Steel Inc. said. Optima's sales of steel tubing to natural gas producers have climbed 15 percent in 2012, and a similar increase is forecast for 2013, said Kevin Stevick, chief executive officer of the closely held company. Growth at the Miami-based company is coming from fracking in states including Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York, he said.



Philly college faculty oppose shale group funds

Several faculty members at Community College of Philadelphia say their school shouldn't be accepting funds for a new Energy Training Center from a natural gas industry trade group. The training center, which will launch in January, will receive $15,000 for student scholarships from the Marcellus Shale Coalition.



More of nation's gas coming from Marcellus Shale

The Marcellus Shale region now accounts for 26 percent of the country's shale gas production, according to the latest report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.



Natural Gas: Energy You Can Hold Infographic

Natural gas isn't just for kitchen stoves and and large power plants. Natural gas liquids are widely used in manufacturing thousands of everyday products, as well as fertilizers and other applications that people may not be as familiar with.



Agency to make Marcellus housing aid decisions

An initial outlay of revenue from gas drilling impact fees to address affordable housing needs in the Marcellus Shale region will be made next month by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. The agency's governing board is scheduled to meet Dec. 13 to vote on proposals made by county and municipal officials to tap part of the $2.5 million collected for 2011 gas production, said spokesman Scott Elliott.