Former shale gas foe makes a deal to allow drilling on her historic farm

Two years ago, Denise Dennis delivered a dramatic denunciation of Marcellus Shale natural gas development at a Philadelphia City Council hearing. She equated drilling to the tobacco industry, and said that "Pennsylvanians are the lab rats" for a massive shale gas experiment.



Acceleration of the Natural Gas Highway

Clean Energy Fuels announced today that it is teaming up with GE to continue development of what Clean Energy calls "America's Natural Gas Highway." In particular, Clean Energy has agreed to buy two MicroLNG plants from GE Oil and Gas (with up to $200 million in GE financing), to be operational by 2015.



Canada looks to lure energy workers from the U.S.

U.S. workers, Canada wants you. Here in the western province of Alberta, energy companies are racing to tap the region's vast deposits of oil sands. Canada is looking to double production by the end of the decade. To do so it will have to lure more workers -- tens of thousands of them -- to this cold and sparsely populated place. The weak U.S. recovery is giving them a big assist.



Chesapeake Energy Corp. focuses on hiring veterans

Amanda Baldwin figured her education would help her land a job after she graduated from the University of Oklahoma in December 2009 with degrees in physics and math. But future employer Chesapeake Energy Corp. seemed just as interested in her military experience. The Indiana native spent seven years in the U.S. Air Force before going back to school full-time.



Protesters oppose Marcellus drilling in North Beaver

Demonstrators who lined Route 551 Monday included a woman dressed like Mother Nature and holding an "SOS Fracking" sign. Lisa DeSantis of New Castle said she was dressed that way to show her concern about Marcellus Shale fracking, which has the potential to ruin water wells and the environment.



Shale plays will continue to need experienced talent for many years

Petroleum engineers design and develop methods for getting oil and gas from underground deposits, and work to find ways to extract oil and gas from older wells.



Some Pa. towns will get more Marcellus cash

A number of Western Pennsylvania municipalities will get substantially more in impact fees from Marcellus shale gas drilling than they were initially told by the state while others will get less, the Public Utility Commission said.



How Natural Gas Kept Some Spots Bright and Warm as Sandy Blasted New York City

A natural gas grid helped at least two large energy users -- New York University and Co-op City (a vast high-rise housing complex in the Bronx) -- stay warm and bright during Sandy because, to a significant extent, they can generate their own electricity and heat.



Obama vs. Romney and the future of Pa. energy

The effects the candidates' energy policies could have on natural gas production is likely of most interest to Pennsylvanians.



Summer Summary of the Trail Logbook Project

As summer transitioned into fall, and as winter knocks on our doorsteps in PA, I would like to take some time to summarize the preliminary feedback coming in through our pilot Trail Logbook Project.