Pennsylvania drillers, who already pay an impact fee, fighting new tax

Former Gov. Tom Corbett and state lawmakers could have saved some time simply by calling an impact fee on the natural gas industry a tax.



Pennsylvania severance tax would be higher than other gas-producing states, state revenue analyst says

If Gov. Tom Wolf's severance tax is adopted as proposed, Pennsylvania would likely carry the highest effective tax rate among gas-producing states in the country, the director of the state's Independent Fiscal Office testified on Monday.



State chamber makes case against Marcellus severance tax at Shady Maple

When you think about Marcellus Shale natural gas development in Pennsylvania, Shady Maple Farm Market and Smorgasbord is probably not what comes to mind.



Shell officials discuss construction, community issues with Beaver County residents

Shell Chemicals officials Thursday praised the proposed location of their potential Beaver County petrochemical facility, and promised to work with the community to be good neighbors if they come.



Pennsylvania competes among top energy producing nations

Pennsylvania now rivals the world's major energy producing countries, according to a ranking published today by API.



Marcellus Shale Exploration and Development in Core Forest Habitat: Effects on Forest Habitat and Wildlife

Free webinar with Dr. Margaret Brittingham, Professor of Wildlife Resources, Extension Wildlife Specialist



Pennsylvania DEP wades into ambiguous area of noise regulation

Pennsylvania environmental regulators, who generally prefer the familiar matters of soil, air and water, are tackling the vagaries of noise from oil and gas development and finding that rules for sound are best left loose.



Critics say proposed energy tax will lead to higher consumer costs

Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed energy tax will lead to higher costs for Pennsylvania consumers, according to a recently released fact sheet from the Marcellus Shale Coalition.



Shell executive: Cracker plant decision expected 'soon'

More than three years after announcing it would consider building a ethane cracker plant in Beaver County, Royal Dutch Shell may be nearing a final decision.



Links in natural gas supply chain worry about Wolf's proposed severance tax

As much as the Marcellus Shale has fueled an energy boom in the state, business owners and others who are links in the supply chain to the natural gas industry expressed their concerns about the effects of a proposed severance tax.