Drilling group says Wolf overestimates expected tax revenue

Revenue from Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed natural gas extraction tax - slated to pay for millions in education funding - could fall far short of projections because his estimates are based on higher gas prices in other parts of the country, industry officials said Wednesday.



Under Wolf plan, conservation agency will still rely on gas royalties

Under the budget proposal Governor Wolf unveiled Tuesday, the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources will continue to rely heavily on natural gas royalty money to fund its general operating expenses.



Marcellus Gas Delivers Cheaper Energy to Rural Pennsylvanians

Wood furnaces and propane or oil tanks are common sights in rural Pennsylvania. For the most part, it's how residents have heated their homes for generations, but that's starting to change thanks to the Marcellus Shale.



Hospitals, Large Stores Could Use Natural Gas Fuel Cells And Get Off The Electrical Grid

Walmart, Costco and other 'big box stores' or facilities like hospitals could use a fuel cell that runs off the natural gas that already flows in pipelines below city streets and eliminate the electricity 'middle man', which is good for the environment.



Items, services that would lose sales tax exemption status

Gov. Tom Wolf proposes to lift the sales tax exemption on more than 40 items.



Produced and Flowback Water Management in the Marcellus

In the shale oil and gas industry, the mentality of American producers has been backed with: drill, drill, drill - get as much hydrocarbon product out of the ground as possible.



Marcellus area officials voice concern about proposed severance tax

Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale impact fee has channeled millions of dollars to areas affected by drilling, money local officials fear might be lost if Gov. Wolf's proposed severance tax on natural-gas production is adopted in Harrisburg.



Guest blog: Small businesses driving natural-gas revolution

When asked to name an energy company, many Americans would first suggest one of the giant corporations whose names adorn local gas stations.



Natural gas royalties lawsuit hinges on transaction date

A class-action lawsuit over natural gas royalties hinges on the question of when the company sold the gas, an industry expert said Friday.



Shale drilling boom a bust for some Western Pennsylvania towns

John Mollenauer has viewed the prosperity raining on western Washington County from the Marcellus shale boom with all the longing of a kid staring through a candy store window.