Tax on shale-gas drillers would punish industry, Turzai says

A 5 percent severance tax on shale gas drilling that Gov. Tom Wolf plans to announce would be punitive and would hurt a burgeoning industry in the long run, House Speaker Mike Turzai warned Monday.



Major Improvements to FracFocus Announced

As it enters its fourth year, FracFocus, the nationwide system for disclosing chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process, continues to improve its performance and versatility.



Few in Westmoreland County opposed to expansion plan for Mariner pipeline

The expansion of a natural gas liquids pipeline that attracted some opposition during the first phase found a friendlier reception Thursday among Westmoreland County residents preparing for another round of construction.



Wolf tax proposal puts Beaver County Shell plant at risk, gas group head says

Royal Dutch Shell warned Gov. Tom Wolf that policies which hurt gas production could affect the company's decision on whether to build a multibillion-dollar plant in Beaver County to turn ethane into plastics, the head of a gas industry group said Wednesday.



So much gas: Pa. Marcellus drilling slow til 2017, analyst says

Key Northeast markets are "oversupplied" with natural gas, so the number of gas drilling rigs in Pennsylvania's prime Marcellus Shale counties is expected to drop until at least 2017.



Shale producers postpone oil well completions: Kemp

EOG Resources became the latest major shale producer to state that it would "delay a significant number of completions" when it announced fourth-quarter results.



Severance Tax Myths vs. Facts

Groups and officials calling for the imposition of a severance tax on natural gas continue to make claims about the industry and the taxes it pays that are simply untrue.



No, Pennsylvania Does Not Need a Severance Tax

One thing all the Democratic candidates for Governor and some Republicans in the general assembly agree is on is that Pennsylvania needs a severance (or extraction) tax on natural gas.



Glut, lease terms ding gas royalty checks

When Craig Sweger started getting royalty checks for mineral rights he leased to Range Resources in 2001, the extra money amply funded new equipment for his hay farm and allowed him to help out his family and community.



We're already taxing Marcellus shale, Gov. Wolf: Charlie Gerow

The vast natural gas formations in both the Marcellus and Utica Shales are a source of unparalleled economic opportunity and a better quality of life for every Pennsylvanian for generations.