Natural gas filling stations will become reality

There aren't many compressed natural gas-powered cars or refueling stations in the United States today, but that could change soon.



Energy companies vie for experienced workers with skills in high demand

Specialized, experienced engineers are becoming a tough get in Western Pennsylvania as the gas drilling industry outpaces the growth of an experienced talent pool.



Shale sector won't gut area workforce

Shale gas companies have started dialing back on spending to help offset a sudden drop in prices, but analysts don't expect wide-scale layoffs and shutdowns in Appalachia like those prompted in other areas by the oil crash.



State senate panel approves oil and gas royalty bills

A state senate committee has approved a pair of bills that would provide more protections for people who receive royalty money from oil and gas drilling.



House approves bill to fast track natural gas pipelines

The Republican-controlled House has easily passed a bill designed to expedite the approval of natural gas pipelines.



Alternative fuel station proposed in Lower Mount Bethel

A new alternative fuel station could be coming to the Lehigh Valley.



State pushing compressed gas fueling stations for transit

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is moving ahead with a plan to have private developers build compressed natural gas fueling stations at public transit garages.



Critics call methane proposal hot air

A new presidential proposal meant to limit the release of greenhouse gases in natural gas drilling is drawing praise from environmentalists and criticism from others who fear it could quiet Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale boom.



High radiation not a byproduct of shale drilling, DEP finds

A multiyear study by the state Department of Environmental Protection has found there is a low risk of radiation exposure related to Pennsylvania shale gas development.



Penske Truck Leasing Awarded Pa. Grants for Natural Gas Trucks

Penske Truck Leasing has accepted $1.5 million in Act 13 grants from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to complement the purchase of compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks as part of its sustainability efforts.