Pennsylvania Manufacturing Poised to Boom with Gas

Pennsylvania manufacturing is ready to boom given the availability of inexpensive shale energy and the potential for exporting it to others.



New Stanton turnpike plaza 1st to offer compressed natural gas

Motorists who drive vehicles that use compressed natural gas can fill up at the New Stanton plaza of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.



Shell's promise: Local waters, wildlife would not be disturbed by cracker plant

Shell Chemicals representatives told Beaver County residents at a community meeting Thursday that if it proceeds with a planned $2.5 billion cracker plant in Potter Township, the impact on drinking water and local wildlife will basically be transparent.



Natural Gas Production Makes the Difference for PA

Natural gas production is making a world of difference to the Pennsylvania economy and things have only just begun. LNG will take things to another plane.



Pennsylvania Tops List of U.S. "Energy Giants"

The responsible development of clean-burning natural gas from the Marcellus Shale continues to reach record levels, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) latest monthly drilling productivity report.



Peco plans to extend natural gas mains, cut costs to homeowners

For suburban Philadelphia heating customers unable to tap into the shale-gas boom because they live beyond the reach of natural gas mains, help may be on the way.



Billions being spent on new Marcellus region power generating plants

Available low-cost natural gas and a growing need for electricity add up to billions of dollars being spent to build generation facilities tin he Marcellus Shale region of northcentral and northeastern Pennsylvania.



Marcellus players looking long-term

If there's a notion out there of wildcatters hopping from town to town, striking it rich on an oil and gas well and moving on to the next great thing, it isn't so today. Not with shale. This, companies say, is a long-term game.



Natural Gas Airplanes Take Off

Natural gas airplanes are not something we hear about everyday but they've been around a while and now they're taking off.



Speakers: Having trained gas and oil workers pivotal to region

In 10 years, the natural gas and oil industry in Pennsylvania could lose 50 percent of its workforce because of retirements and expansion, which makes it critical that the region have properly trained workers to take their place.