Experts see cheaper, easier way to turn natural gas into fuels

U.S. scientists said on Thursday they have devised a potentially easier, cheaper and cleaner way to turn natural gas into usable fuels and chemicals - a discovery which could lead to natural gas products displacing oil products in the future.



Manure found in 15 to 20 wells

The Clinton County Commissioners and state and local officials were struggling with a response Thursday morning, in the aftermath of a manure application that contaminated the wells of five homes in Crawford Township.



Fracking efficiently: Government changes how it calculates future oil and gas production because wells are producing more than before

Companies drilling in the Marcellus and other shale formations across the country are getting better at what they do, according to a report released today by the federal Energy Information Administration.



Transportation Services invests in compressed natural gas vehicles

Penn State opts for 'green' cars with cheaper fuel



Marcellus shale driller Noble Energy Inc. sinks roots into Pittsburgh

Dropping an anchor in Pittsburgh was an easy choice for executives at Noble Energy Inc.



Monday Update: Timing right for Sanofi natural gas service

Mid-2013 was a good time for Sanofi-Pasteur to switch to natural gas. The eve of the coldest winter in at least a decade, the 6.5-mile extension of a natural gas pipeline in Monroe County turned on, helping the vaccine maker convert from heating oil that had to be delivered by convoys of tanker trucks.



Chevron pizza 'scandal' isn't one in small town

Critics are raging after an energy giant offered pizza coupons to a community near a natural gas well that exploded last month, killing a worker.



Chevron finishes installing new wellheads at Greene County explosion site

Chevron over the weekend finished installing new wellheads at a Greene County site but continues to investigate what caused a recent explosion and subsequent days-long fire that killed a worker.



McDonald buys salt with gas drilling impact money

McDonald council members voted tonight to use $12,000 from natural gas drilling impact fees to pay for road salt.



Charleroi Area OKs gas-drilling deal

Charleroi Area has struggled to balance its budget in the wake of state funding cuts in recent years. But after approving an agreement with EQT Corp. to allow horizontal drilling on its property, the school board hopes to see a boost in revenue.