Delaware River Basin Commission

The Delaware River Basin Commission, or DRBC, is an interstate governmental body that includes the sitting governors of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.  Their primary charge is to ensure the fair and balanced usage of the Delaware river by the four surrounding states.

In 2017, the commission proposed a new rule that would ban hydraulic fracturing in all four states.

A ban on hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania would be devastating to our state economy, job market, and to energy consumers not only in Pennsylvania, but across the country.

Additionally, this proposed rule ignores the sound, proven science on which hydraulic fracturing stands. This is a safe technique, using safe technology, that has been in use by the natural gas and oil industries for decades. Hydraulic fracturing is critical to the responsible natural gas and oil development that has created this new American energy renaissance.

A full ban in Pennsylvania, as well as our neighboring states, would put many people out of work, and would result in rising energy costs for consumers everywhere.

Sound science should win out over baseless scaremongering, and this reckless and mistaken DRBC proposed rule.