Energy Infrastructure

The boom in energy production from the Marcellus shale has helped to launch an American energy renaissance.

But these huge advancements in energy in Pennsylvania have also necessitated new developments of energy infrastructure – including new pipelines, compressor stations, gathering lines, and more – so that our state can keep up with both the growing supply and growing demand.

These investments in new energy infrastructure are critical and necessary to the continued success of the natural gas and oil industry in Pennsylvania.  The success of the Marcellus shale has been hugely beneficial to our state, but it has also pushed the existing infrastructure to its limits. Now is the time to invest in important new projects like the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project, the PennEast pipeline project, Mariner East pipeline project, and Constitution pipeline project.

Utilizing the knowledge and best practices gained from decades of experience, these new infrastructure projects are built to state-of-the-art technological specifications and with the utmost regard for safety. In fact, American pipeline systems enjoy a remarkable 99.99 percent safety record.

These energy infrastructure projects are investments in the future of Pennsylvania: a future that embraces the important role we have to play in America’s energy renaissance, and all the says that hard-working Pennsylvanians can benefit from it.