Natural Gas End Use

Thanks to the boom in natural gas development in recent years, more and more Americans — and more and more Pennsylvanians — are utilizing natural gas.

From 1997 to 2013, usage of natural gas for the generation of electrical power increased from just 3% to 38%.   This shift has significant environmental benefits as natural gas is clean-burning.  As a result of increased utilization of natural gas, carbon emissions from energy have fallen to near 20-year lows.

Currently there are approximately 2.8 million natural gas customers in Pennsylvania.  Of these, 2.6 million are residential customers.  Because natural gas is inexpensive, safe, clean, and plentiful, it has permitted residents and businesses all across our state to reduce their energy costs and save money.  In fact, use of natural gas is saving the average American household $1,337 annually.

With a commitment to increased natural gas development, and to the energy infrastructure we need, natural gas can continue to power our future, save residents and businesses money, and help our environment.