Pipelines are essential to transporting natural gas from its source to multiple end-user destinations.  Although Pennsylvania has long had a rather large network of mid to large size gas gathering and transmission lines fed by the 60,000 traditional vertical gas wells, many of the Marcellus horizontal wells are located in areas with no appreciable existing pipeline infrastructure.

New pipelines are in the planning and development stages. Natural gas “gathering lines” are pipelines used to transport natural gas from a production facility to a transmission line, and are categorized in the oil and natural gas industry as "midstream" operations.

PA Pipelines

Natural Gas Gathering Lines

Source:  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Pipeline construction includes multiple factors to consider, including landowner rights, safety, and eminent domain.  There are a number of state and federal regulations that govern the construction and maintenance of pipelines.  In compliance with Act 13, which was signed into law earlier in 2012, the Energy Executive of the Governor was required to submit a report with accompanying recommendations concerning pipeline placement in Pennsylvania to the General Assembly.  The Commonwealth reviewed a number of aspects involving pipeline construction and maintenance, that would impact the safety and environment of Commonwealth citizens including economic, environmental, safety, property rights, and regulations. The results and recommendations are documented in a final report, "Report To The General Assembly On Pipeline Placement Of Natural Gas Gathering Lines",  which can be accessed by clicking here.

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