Rational Middle Energy Video Series

The Rational Middle Energy Video Series consists of seven (7) short films created by Gregory Kallenberg and his team from the Rational Middle project, which aims to highlight the need and desire for a balanced discussion about today’s energy issues.  The Energy Forum is including these videos on our website as an educational tool regarding the state of American energy.  To view a video, please click on the image of one of the videos, below.



Episode 1:  What is the Rational Middle? (Approximately 8 minutes)

Director Gregory Kallenberg takes you through his journey of discovery about the energy issue from his beginnings as a documentary filmmaker, to the idea for the Rational Middle, to finding support for this imperative discussion in the most unlikely of places. He discusses why the issue of energy is important to him and his team, and how we can effect change to ensure a brighter future for our global community.


Episode 2:  Energy 101 (Approximately 8 minutes)

Energy is complicated. It's so entwined and ensconced in our lives that we barely know it's there. Most of us only recognize energy at the pump or on a monthly bill statement, but energy is a part of everything we do, even more than you might think. It's in the batteries of your devices, the plastic and metals used to make the things in your life, and even in the food you eat. Energy is everything we are, and we are rapidly approaching a time where a change in our energy consumption trajectory will be necessary. What sources do we use to power our economy? How much to we use? Where are we headed as a global community? These issues and more are discussed in 'Energy 101.'  



Episode 3:  What's at Stake? (Approximately 7 minutes)

When we think about energy, we sometimes forget how much of our society relies on it to be available when we want it, where we want it and the importance of having inexpensive, secure source to power our lives. 'What's at Stake' is a look at the things we rely on day to day, and what challenges may present themselves if we continue down the path of consumption and consequence we are on today.  



Episode 4:  Truthing Our Energy and its Future (Approximately 4 minutes)

What do you think about energy? What concerns you? We hit the streets to find out what people know, and don't know about energy and then turned to experts to find the answers.



 Episode 5:  Shale and Gas 101 (Approximately 7 minutes)

For most people, natural gas is simply what heats their homes or flows through their stove-tops. But what they may not know is what else it's used for. This piece will show some of the many current and proposed uses of natural gas - from fertilizers to a manufacturing feedstock, producing electricity, and fueling transportation.


 Episode 6:  Realities of Drilling Part I (Approximately 8 minutes)

Drilling for oil and gas is a touchy subject for most Americans. The desire for quality of life, cleaner energy, local human and environmental considerations, and an awareness of global climate change all come to a head in the first of a two-part episode which delves into the potential benefits and risks of new drilling techniques including horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.


Episode 7:  Realities of Drilling Part II (Approximately 7 minutes)

The conversation about drilling continues in part two of this dual episode. This second piece focuses on water usage and some of the other risks of drilling. Can we mitigate these potential issues in order to access a cleaner, domestic resource?

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Please note, the Energy Forum does not have a stake in the creation or distribution of these videos.  The videos are provided as an additional educational tool to promote a balanced energy discussion.