EP Announces Natural Gas Vehicle Resource Website, Technical Assistance Plan

The PA DEP launched a Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) website and plans to help municipal and commercial fleet owners make informed decisions about converting their fleets to compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas, in advance of a related grant program.



DCNR to collect money from drillers who harvest gas under public streams

Natural gas drillers have to sign leases and compensate the state if they plan to collect gas trapped deep beneath publicly owned streams and rivers.



Fake gas well to help train responders for emergencies

Visitors to North Park soon may see what looks like a gas well being built near the Allegheny County Fire Academy.



Towns prepare for Marcellus impact fees

For towns, such as Columbia in Bradford County, the new gas drilling impact fee will yield checks later this year.



It's not dirty to see gas as energy solution

Electricity, heating.....what should we use?