PA Energy Issues

While national policy is important, it’s often the issues that are closest to home that matter the most and have the greatest potential impact on our lives. It’s important that we’re all engaged with policy decisions right here in Pennsylvania to make sure that we continue to enjoy the benefits of the American energy renaissance that development in areas like the Marcellus shale are helping to drive.

Among the most important local issues are:

  • Severance Tax. Additional taxes on the natural gas and oil industry continue to be proposed in Harrisburg that would have a significant and negative impact on the industry and the state’s job market and economy.
  • Nuclear Subsidies. Several states have proposed or passed subsidies for nuclear power that create an uneven and unfair playing field in energy. Pennsylvania could be next.
  • Energy Infrastructure. Several new projects are in the planning or construction phase that are critical to the future of the natural gas and oil industry in Pennsylvania.
  • Electric Vehicle Mandates. Proposals to mandate electric vehicle sales and charging infrastructure buildout would impair customer choice and reduce competition in the market place, while placing new cost burdens on consumers and electric ratepayers.