National Energy Issues

We have seen an energy revolution in America with the production of oil and natural gas from our shale resources. . Our abundant natural resources and technological innovation will allow us to continue to grow our economy, create new jobs, and lead the world as a global energy superpower.

This endeavor brings opportunities and challenges. The issues that need to be addressed include access to steady, reliable sources; development of sound regulations; and increased conservation and energy efficiency. It is imperative the industry, in coordination with citizens and policymakers work together to maintain America’s position as a global leader.

There are many challenges confronting our nation as we strive for economic and energy security, such as increased energy taxes, limits on domestic access and increased regulations, infrastructure concerns such as pipelines, and refining.

If our policymakers take the time to fully understand the issues, and make sound, fact-based decisions, the resulting public policies could fuel America’s economic revival and improve our energy security for future generations through the safe and responsible production, refining, and transportation of our country’s oil and natural gas resources.

It is the goal of forums, such as ours, to help educate citizens, industry and policymakers alike so decisions are made in the best interest of all Americans.