Proposed Natural gas pipeline unveiled to Susquehanna County residents

The proposed $750 million Constitution Pipeline, a joint venture between Cabot Oil & Gas and Williams Partners, was unveiled to Susquehanna County residents.



Commission suspends water withdrawals on low river levels

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission on Monday expanded the list of suspended water withdrawals from 37 to 64, affecting natural gas exploration companies, golf courses and other businesses with permits to take water from rivers or streams.



Natural Gas Boom Hints At U.S. Energy Sufficiency

After decades of rising prices, hostile foreign suppliers and warnings that Americans will have to bicycle to work, the world faces the possibility of vast amounts of cheap, plentiful fuel. And the source for much of this new supply? The U.S.



Marcellus Shale Task Force meeting postponed

The Pike County Marcellus Shale Task Force meeting scheduled for July 18 has been postponed until further notice. This change will provide opportunity for more information to be obtained on two important issues related to Marcellus Shale activity in Pike County and the Upper Delaware watershed.



Chesapeake Energy announces upcoming roadwork

Chesapeake announced today the following ongoing, upcoming and completed roadwork projects in Bradford and Sullivan counties to improve regional transportation infrastructure.



New plants to treat shale water

Altela Inc. plans to open two new water treatment plants in Clarion County and in Mount Jewett, McKean County, to distill frack water using a non-conventional thermal distillation technology.



Fracking chemicals all around us

If you plan on drinking a soda, using bug spray or eating a hot dog this Fourth of July, you are consuming or using chemicals also used in the hydraulic fracturing process.



Officials say some cash from Marcellus Shale impact fees could flow our way

Just because there are no deep-drilled natural gas wells in Lancaster County doesn't mean the county won't share in the newly established Marcellus Shale impact fees.



37 water withdrawals for natural gas drilling and other uses suspended to protect streams

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission announced that 37 separate water withdrawals approved by SRBC are suspended due to localized streamflow levels dropping throughout the Susquehanna basin.



Officials unveil options for 'second life' of Marcus Hook refinery

Local officials yesterday presented a road map for what Delaware County Councilman Tom McGarrigle called the "economic second life for Marcus Hook".