East Coast May Face Fuel Shortages After Storm Disrupts Major Pipeline

Colonial, the biggest fuel pipeline in the U.S., says its system is starting to have problems in Texas



Harvey's Lessons for America's Stretched Energy Infrastructure

Hurricane's impact shows how dependent U.S. is on a small number of refineries and pipelines



Trump tightens Venezuela's access to U.S. financial system

President Trump signed an executive order on Aug. 25, to restrict Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's access to the U.S. economy. National security adviser H.R. McMaster said the action strongly punishes Maduro's "illegitimate dictatorship."



Judge grants pipeline easements on holdout properties

A federal judge in Pennsylvania says a gas pipeline company can seize easements it needs from five final holdout property owners including land owned by nuns on which activists built an outdoor chapel to protest the project.



Trump signs executive order to streamline environmental reviews

"No longer will we tolerate one job-killing delay after another. No longer will we accept a broken system that benefits consultants and lobbyists at the expense of hard-working Americans."



Energy, manufacturing firms urge Pa. House to reject severance tax

Energy and manufacturing association officials are urging Pennsylvania's House of Representatives to reject a tax package that includes both a severance and use tax on natural gas that the state's Senate narrowly approved 2 weeks ago.



Sunoco reaches settlement on natural gas pipeline

State officials, environmental groups and the owners of a cross-state natural gas pipeline in Pennsylvania have reached an agreement to allow drilling to continue while providing protections to the public.



Energy Lobby Heavyweights Pressure Pennsylvania GOP to Block Shale Tax

Some of the energy industry's biggest trade organizations are throwing their weight against a new tax on users of the nation's largest natural shale gas field in Pennsylvania, arguing that it would only hurt the local industrial economy and would do little to alleviate the state's budget deficit.



Tax Proposal and Pennsylvania Prosperity

Last month a narrow majority in Pennsylvania's state Senate voted for a $600 million tax increase that would hit natural gas producers and natural gas and electric users while also hiking taxes on communications services - all of which could significantly impact Pennsylvania consumers.



Drilling Resumes on Controversial Sunoco Mariner East 2 Pipeline

Drilling operations on the embattled Sunoco Mariner East 2 Pipeline have been allowed to resume in 16 of 55 locations, according to a ruling issued Friday by a Pennsylvania environmental judge.