Washington County top recipient of gas impact fees for 2014

Washington County and its municipalities led the state in reimbursements from impact fees paid by drillers in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale in 2014, with the county receiving $6.5 million and its municipalities garnering $11.1 million for a total of $17.63 million, according to a list provided Wednesday by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.



Pennsylvania voters are not solidly behind a drilling tax, poll says

Lawmakers eyeing an extraction tax on natural gas drillers to help plug a nearly $2 billion hole in next year's budget had best take notice: they may not have the support of the voters back home.



Pennsylvania gas drilling impact fee numbers cited by severance tax foes

An early release of impact fees collected from gas drillers in 2014 has fueled further political sparring in Harrisburg over how much the state should get from the oil and gas industry.



Revised exporting rules would assure gas surge

The oil and natural gas industry has a deep and rich history in Pennsylvania.



EPA: No widespread harm to drinking water from fracking

Hydraulic fracturing to drill for oil and natural gas has not caused widespread harm to drinking water in the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday



Butler County gas leaseholders sue local opponents of zoning change

A dozen western Pennsylvania residents who have leased their land for gas drilling are suing local opponents of gas development in a case that free-speech advocates say could have far-reaching consequences for critics' ability to debate the industry's plans.



Sunoco Logistics plans additional pipeline to deliver Marcellus liquids to Marcus Hook

Sunoco Logistics Partners disclosed Thursday that it plans to build an additional pipeline to deliver Marcellus Shale products to Marcus Hook, reflecting a growing market for liquid fuels derived from the region's shale drilling.



EPA: No evidence fracking has led to widespread water contamination

A long-awaited Environmental Protection Agency study found no evidence that hydraulic fracturing has led to a widespread impact on drinking water resources in the U.S.



EPA study: No widespread, systemic harm to drinking water from fracking

A five-year government study released Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency found no "widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water" from unconventional well drilling.



As peak travel season hits, US oil prices drop 3 percent

As the U.S. gears up for its peak season for road travel, drivers are being treated to lower gas costs.