Columbia Gas preparing for future retirements

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania formally broke ground Thursday on a new operations and training center in Beaver County, marking the start of $19 million project for the natural gas utility.



A geoscientist's take on new U.S. fracking rules

New federal rules aimed at making a controversial oil and gas drilling technique safer and more transparent reflect numerous suggestions from technical experts, says a geoscientist involved in the process.



Conventional gas, oil drillers seek rules differing from shale industry in Pennsylvania

A cookie cutter won't work when it comes to writing safety and environmental rules for shallow, conventional oil and gas drilling and the newer deep, horizontal fracking in Pennsylvania shale, said Bruce Grindle, president of Oil & Gas Management Inc.



Pennsylvania shale drillers to release monthly reports on gas production

Pennsylvania's unconventional natural gas producers pulled 390 billion cubic feet of gas from the Marcellus Shale and other resource-rich rock layers in January, according to the first monthly production reports the companies filed with the Department of Environmental Protection.



Rex Energy announces joint venture for Butler County wells

Rex Energy Corp. announced Tuesday a joint venture that will help it develop 32 natural gas wells in Butler County.



Companies that store and move frack sand are in demand

One company situated on the edge of the Ohio River is about to pump $1.3 million into creating a better barge dock, spurred by the massive impact that the shale drilling industry has had on the business.



NS launches $53-million energy innovation project at Juniata Locomotive Shop

Norfolk Southern launched a $53-million energy conversion project at its Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona, Pa., that will substantially reduce carbon emissions and water usage at the 70-acre facility.



What They're Saying: Higher Energy Taxes Will "Knock the Legs Out of Industry"

Community leaders, small businesses, and Pennsylvanians across the political spectrum continue their vocal opposition to Harrisburg's plan for higher energy taxes that threaten the thousands of good-paying jobs and our region's manufacturing potential.



Methane in drinking water unrelated to fracking, study suggests

Fracking doesn't appear to be allowing methane to seriously contaminate drinking water in Pennsylvania, a new study finds - contrary to some earlier, much publicized research that suggested a stronger link.



Local, national LNG projects on the rise

Liquefied natural gas exporters are eyeing Pennsylvania natural gas, and Northeast Pennsylvania will likely get its own liquefaction facility for domestic sales.