Butler County gas leaseholders sue local opponents of zoning change

A dozen western Pennsylvania residents who have leased their land for gas drilling are suing local opponents of gas development in a case that free-speech advocates say could have far-reaching consequences for critics' ability to debate the industry's plans.



Sunoco Logistics plans additional pipeline to deliver Marcellus liquids to Marcus Hook

Sunoco Logistics Partners disclosed Thursday that it plans to build an additional pipeline to deliver Marcellus Shale products to Marcus Hook, reflecting a growing market for liquid fuels derived from the region's shale drilling.



EPA: No evidence fracking has led to widespread water contamination

A long-awaited Environmental Protection Agency study found no evidence that hydraulic fracturing has led to a widespread impact on drinking water resources in the U.S.



EPA study: No widespread, systemic harm to drinking water from fracking

A five-year government study released Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency found no "widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water" from unconventional well drilling.



As peak travel season hits, US oil prices drop 3 percent

As the U.S. gears up for its peak season for road travel, drivers are being treated to lower gas costs.



Legalize energy freedom

Historians will view the early 21st Century as the time when America reversed its geographical energy deficit to become the world's leading oil and natural gas producer... overcoming the federal policies of an opposition president.



Pa. legislator wants to encourage fracking firms to use more treated water from mines

A Republican lawmaker is looking to encourage more oil and gas companies to use treated water from coal mines in their fracking operations.



Comments, criticism abound on rules for oil and gas operations

Pennsylvania environmental regulators say they got more public feedback early last year on their proposal to update rules for oil and gas operations than on most rules on any topic the Department of Environmental Protection had proposed in the past.



Pennsylvania drillers, who already pay an impact fee, fighting new tax

Former Gov. Tom Corbett and state lawmakers could have saved some time simply by calling an impact fee on the natural gas industry a tax.



Pennsylvania severance tax would be higher than other gas-producing states, state revenue analyst says

If Gov. Tom Wolf's severance tax is adopted as proposed, Pennsylvania would likely carry the highest effective tax rate among gas-producing states in the country, the director of the state's Independent Fiscal Office testified on Monday.