Act 13 disbursements paving the way for renovations

Municipal officials in Fayette and Greene counties plan to use their Marcellus shale impact fee funds on a numerous projects - from road repairs to an emergency center, and from funding police services to offsetting the cost of a new sewage treatment plant.



Taylor trucking company adds natural gas trucks to its fleet

Kane is Able Inc. made new additions to its fleet Monday - seven compressed natural gas trucks that burn fuel cleaner, run quieter and save money.



Poll: Pennsylvania voters favor expanded oil, gas production

A new American Petroleum Institute-sponsored poll says most Pennsylvania voters favor more development of the country's energy resources.



DEP secretary, AG agree agency needs better record-keeping

The secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection and the state's top auditor may have their disagreements on DEP's oil and gas program, but both agree the agency's record system needs a reboot.



Pa. Health Department responds to accusations it mishandled queries on fracking

The Pennsylvania Department of Health says it wants to help citizens better navigate the complaint process, specifically when it comes to the Marcellus Shale industry.



PUC appeals ruling that curbed its power to review municipalities' drilling rules

Regulators want one last shot at convincing the state's high court that they should have some authority over local ordinances aimed at gas drillers.



OSHA decides no fine in fatal well fire in Greene County

Chevron will not be fined by federal authorities for a fatal fire at a well in Greene County.



Pennsylvania drillers avoid using diesel, kerosene in wells, national report says

A national environmental report aimed at exposing gas companies for illegally using diesel fuel in their fracking fluids appears to clear Pennsylvania drillers of breaking the law intended to protect water supplies from toxic chemicals.



Area school budgets cushioned by gas money

Looking south from a parking lot at Trinity Middle School, one can see a glint of water through the trees - a reservoir. But not far beyond that, hidden from plain view, is a well extracting natural gas from deep beneath the earth' surface.



USGS: Natural Methane in 80% of Drinking Water Wells in Pike County, PA

Researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) found detectable levels of naturally-occurring methane in 80% of drinking water wells it sampled in Pike County, PA, an area prospective to the Marcellus and Utica shales but where unconventional development is currently banned.