Oil and gas companies court military veterans as shale boom grows

Finding work in the energy sector isn't a new concept for veterans, but there has been an increased interest in recent years due to the shale gas boom. Carl Dokter, a development manager with Fort Worth-based Range Resources, has seen this trend first hand.



Yale, Penn State studies offer conflicting views of fracking

Two academic studies exploring health and water issues in the gas drilling industry on Wednesday painted very different pictures of its potential impact and brought rebukes from advocates on both sides.



Communities, oil/gas companies navigate drilling issues

When Consol Energy Inc. began drilling the first of 45 planned wet gas wells on 9,000 acres of Pittsburgh International Airport land in Findlay Township in August, township Supervisor Janet Craig was not worried.



Lehigh Valley natural gas station to get major boost

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., the largest provider of natural gas transportation fuel in North America, is preparing for $1.08 million in upgrades to a Lehigh Gas Partners fueling station in South Whitehall Township.



Countdown to boom town; Elk County eyes gas drilling 'windfall'

In the midst of a natural gas "awakening," St. Marys in Elk County may sit poised as the state's next Marcellus Shale boom town as a powerful natural gas interest, lured by lower overhead and larger profits, begins aggressively investing in the city.



Standard water testing sought in shale industry

State environmental regulators will participate in a gas industry-funded study aimed at developing standards for testing groundwater near drilling sites for the presence of methane.



Shell touts Utica gas wells in northern Pa.

Energy companies might have another sweet spot for gas drilling in Pennsylvania.



Semirural neighborhood becomes Marcellus Shale zoning battleground

A semirural enclave in Lycoming County has become the latest legal battleground pitting neighbor against neighbor over Marcellus Shale gas drilling.



Honda, Chevrolet give natural gas a push

Natural gas is the neglected stepchild of the alternative fuel vehicles industry.



Two pipeline projects poised to ship gas to the Southeast

Two major pipeline projects are in the works to ship natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica shales to the southeastern U.S., a region with a growing appetite for natural gas.