Speaker: Study of water wells near gas drilling is encouraging

In a representative study of 98 water wells selected at random around Tioga County conducted by university professors, it turns out it is "not time to worry - yet," according to Dr. Paul Wendel, of the Department of Education, Otterbein University, formerly of Mansfield University.



Judge reviews evidence on alleged pollution by gas driller; no decision made

A natural gas company accused of allegedly polluting a stream in Penn Township with fracking water in November 2010 had a preliminary hearing Wednesday before Lycoming County District Judge James G. Carn, but the judge opted to take some time to review the evidence.



Plan to move fracking wastewater by barge stirs controversy

The Coast Guard wants to allow barges filled with fracking wastewater to ply the nation's rivers on their way toward disposal. Many environmentalists are horrified, but industry groups say barge transport has its advantages.



Gas-fired power plant may be built in Greene County

A privately owned company is thinking of building a gas-fired power plant in Greene County.



Proposal requires drillers to inform Allegheny County about their progress

Council to move on filling loophole at Tuesday meeting



Project aimed at clearing 'orange' river unveiled

Everyone knows the exact spot where the Lackawanna River turns orange. You can even see it from space.



Marcellus Shale drilling becomes more efficient

When David Dewberry landed in Pennsylvania in 2010, the veteran of the migratory worldwide oil-and-gas workforce said he required more than a month to drill a typical Marcellus Shale natural gas well.



Method makes shale waste water recyclable

Starting in January, Daniel Ertel's wastewater processing plant in Williamsport will start churning out commodities: Oil. Methanol. Sodium chloride.



County commissioner: 'Misconceptions' about gas industry likely hurting tourism

The Bradford County commissioners could take action within the next year to address what they say are major misconceptions that people in other parts of the country have about how the gas industry has affected Bradford County's landscape.



Action at the pump

Believe it or not, you now can fill up your tank in Williamsport for $1.99 per gallon. The catch? You have to drive a vehicle powered by compressed natural gas, or CNG.